Municipal Water Plan

The City of Brussels is preparing for the future with its new Municipal Water Plan.

Floods, drought, urban heat islands,...: Brussels faces numerous environmental problems. To respond to these, integrated water management in the urban space is essential. That is precisely the aim of the new Municipal Water Plan (PCE) adopted by the City.

The plan sees water as a valuable resource to fulfil the ambition of making Brussels a globally recognised water city by 2050.

Technological solutions are no longer enough to meet climate challenges. We need to rethink our policies and create more space for resilient hydrological solutions. With limited space in cities, water management is more than ever an urban challenge.

Yet water also offers opportunities to transform urban landscapes in an integrated way. The PCE aims to establish a new generation of projects at different scales, from street level to the whole city, for integrated water management.

The PCE includes 6 'water objectives' and 7 'water yards', as well as 28 project files to guide the transition. These concrete tools provide the necessary keys to start the transformation process.

The transition to a Water City by 2050 requires lots of projects at different scales. The project files are divided into 5 scales, from XS to XL, and require collaboration between many stakeholders:

  • XS: stormwater management on private properties
  • S: small-scale interventions in public spaces
  • M: actions in public space that require a larger intervention
  • L: projects in parks, ponds and watercourses
  • XL: city-level initiatives

To fund these actions, the City of Brussels will evaluate several criteria, such as available financial resources and the technical feasibility of projects. The City needs your support to make this transition to a more sustainable future a success.

As a resident, you can do your bit by infiltrating or reusing water on your own property. Take a look at the green bonuses:

Green bonuses

Public meeting (Friday 31 May 2024)

Exchange views on the content of the plan and the City of Brussels' strategy at a public meeting on Friday 31 May 2024, from 6 pm to 8:30 pm, at the City Hall of Brussels.

Check out the Municipal Water Plan and find out how you can contribute to the future of Brussels.

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Waterbus tour (Sunday 2 June 2024)

Climb aboard for a Waterbus tour with 2 stops and walks on Sunday 2 June 2024, from 2 pm to 6 pm, at the Waterbus stop 'Quai de Béco' to discover concrete projects.

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Download the water plan and discover the projects undertaken by the City of Brussels:

Municipal Water Plan (PDF, 36.82 MB) (in French)
Municipal Water Plan (PDF, 36.10 MB) (in Dutch)




Municipal Water Plan