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Social mediation

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The mission of social mediators is to inform the public, to create a social link and a positive dynamics in districts, to facilitate the relations between the citizens and the institutions, to anticipate problematic situations and to propose solutions of the local power.

The social mediators are 6 and concentrate each on a district.


  • An individual approach: our mediators are first-line social speakers. They are brought to inform and to help the citizens in the search of solutions for their daily difficulties. They receive your individual demands (such as trainings, activities, job search, housing) and direct you as a consequence to the most adequate specialized services.
  • A collective approach: they introduce or support projects facilitating the active citizenship of the population. They facilitate the contact and the dialogue between the municipality and the local population. They pay a particular attention on partnerships to be developed between the various local actors.

Practical information

Conflict prevention - Social mediation Laeken-Centre
Rue Fineau 3
1020 Brussels (Laeken) [plan]

Tel. : 02 427 83 44
Telephone 2 : 0475 35 53 58

Conflict prevention - Social mediation Laeken-North
Avenue de l'Héliport 56
1000 Brussels [plan]

Tel. : 02 427 83 44

Conflict prevention - Social mediation Marolles
Rue des Renards 10
1000 Brussels [plan]

Tel. : 02 503 25 65
Telephone 2 : 0499 53 74 81

Conflict prevention - Social mediation Neder-over-Heembeek
Avenue de Versailles 144
1120 Brussels (NOH) [plan]

Tel. : 02 269 41 53
Telephone 2 : 0499 53 74 85

Conflict prevention - North Social Mediation
Chaussée d'Anvers 150A
1000 Brussels [plan]

Tel. : 02 203 05 56

Conflict prevention - Social mediation Senne
Rue du Vautour, 2
1000 Brussels [plan]

Tel. : 02 213 60 11
Telephone 2 : 0499 53 74 84

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