Bicycle theft

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Bicycle lock - advice by Pro Velo

The theft of bicycles witholds lots of people from riding a bike in the city. Engraving is a good prevention measure. Lost bicycles can be found on the 'Found bicyles' website.


An active policy of prevention is thus indispensable.

Some recommendations:

  • Buy a quality padlock. Various models are available. Choose your padlock according to the value of your bicycle
  • Attach the frame of your cycle properly, even if the bicycle is left without surveillance during a limited time
  • Use a padlock allowing to block the back wheel
  • Engrave your bike

Pro Vélo supplies information on the advantages of engraving and campaigns of engraving by the Brussels Capital-Region.

Found bikes

Lost or stolen non-engraved bikes that are found by the police end up in a warehouse. On the website Found bicycles, people who have lost a bike in Brussels can look if their bicycle has been found. The search can be according to various criteria.

The Central warehouse is located on the Chaussée de Louvain 659 - 1030 Brussels [plan].

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