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Iris Day 2013

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The Brussels Capital Region celebrates the Iris Day each year in early May. The festival will take place on 4 and 5 May 2012.

The program includes free concerts, a festival in the streets and an open day at the Brussels Parliament. The Brussels Capital Region is celebrating its 24rd anniversary.

Origin of the Brussels Capital Region

Since 18 June 1989, date of the first regional elections, the Brussels Capital Region is an autonomous region comparable to the Walloon and Flemish Regions. This goes back to 1970 when the revision of the constitution created 3 regions: the Walloon Region, the Flemish Region and the Brussels Region. The principle of 3 regions was accepted but the setting up of the regions was postponed. It was the special law of 12 January 1989 that created the Brussels Capital Region on the territory of 19 municipalities. The Brussels Region then started its own legislative and executive institutions.

The iris as emblem

Since 1991, the iris is the emblem of the Brussels Region. This choice was made because of the long presence of the plant in the region. The sign of the iris is now the emblem for all regional institutions of Brussels.

Originally, the territory of Brussels was widely covered with swamps. Brussels resulted from a small Carolingian village (Bruocsella) in the valley of the Senne. On 5 March 1991, the Regional Council of Brussels decided to choose the iris as emblem of the region. A big public contest was organized to define the shape. After some time, the emblem by Jacques Richez became the winner.

On the agenda

Enter the city

Elections on Sunday 25 May 2014

On Sunday 25 May 2014 elections will be held for the European Parliament, the Chamber of Deputies and the Parliaments of the Communities and Regions (including the Brussels Parliament). All practical info on the elections, voting as a EU citizen and voting by proxy.

Elections on Sunday 25 May 2014