Alcohol ban in the centre of Brussels

The consumption of alcoholic drinks in public spaces is banned in a large part of the city centre of Brussels, 24 hours a day. This alcohol ban applies until 5 October 2023.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages (distilled or fermented, whether or not mixed) is prohibited in public places (in any quantity, 24 hours a day) within the following zone:

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is only permitted on terraces with a license and at events authorized or organized by the City of Brussels.


A violation is punished with a municipal administrative fine of a maximum of 350 euros. The fine is increased in case of a repeat within 2 years after the imposition of an administrative fine, without ever being able to exceed the sum of 350 euros.


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In Dutch:

Created on 30/01/2020 (modified on 07/10/2022)