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  • On the one hand, these are collective processes of informing, listening and discussing the implementation of public projects (citizens' meetings, polls, publications,...). In this case, the methods used depend on the degree of influence the City wants to give to citizens, taking into account the purpose of the project, the demand for citizen participation, time and budget constraints, the history of the file,...
  • On the other hand, it involves consultation tools (neighbourhood council, citizens' budget) which are based on the needs expressed directly by the citizens and which agree on solutions together.

Citizen participation can take different forms and intensities during the development of a project.

How does it work?

The City of Brussels is committed to citizen participation to increase the visibility, understanding and quality of policies implemented. It is also important to give citizens the means to be involved in and contribute to urban development.

The City aims to involve the widest possible variety of citizens in these processes so that everyone can influence the decisions that affect them.

Discover the participatory processes on External sitefaireBXLsamen.

Brussels Participation develops the citizen participation of the City of Brussels. For example, it is responsible for the project External sitefaireBXLsamen.

'Brussels Together' reflects the City of Brussels' desire to reinvent itself together with its inhabitants and users. It is an ambitious project that starts by listening to their questions and ideas with the will to provide appropriate answers.

Together with its inhabitants and users, the City of Brussels wants to create a dynamic, pleasant and sustainable city.


Would you like to volunteer according to your interests? Find your volunteer action here or search for volunteers in Brussels:

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