Make an appointment

The City of Brussels allows you to make an online appointment for certain services.

Please note: make sure you make an appointment for the right request, otherwise you may not be served.

Due to high pressure on the renewal of identity cards and driving licences, deadlines for an appointment to apply for a card or driving licence are running up to 2 to 3 months.

The service does its best to regularly schedule new opportunities on appointments, so you are advised to check the website regularly if the appointment seems too far away.

Citizens who urgently need to apply for a card or driving licence due to theft of their documents can come on site and ask for an appointment at the reception desk.

It is also possible to make an appointment via all available MyBXL terminals and PCs.

  • application for a driver's license
  • application for an ID card
  • renewal of a residence permit C, E, E+, F+, Annex 8 and Annex 19
  • passport applications
  • concession - purchase and extension
  • removal of urns from a columbarium
  • formal obligation
  • access to a pedestrian zone
  • euthanasia (advance declaration)
  • tax and non-tax debts

For Europeans and equals:

  • production of documents in the context of the stay
  • application for permanent residence (Annex 22)
  • changes in the national register (name, marital status,...)
  • collecting a registration certificate (Annex 8)
  • first registration (family reunification, employees, self-employed, holders of sufficient means of subsistence, job seekers)

For non-Europeans (non-EU):

  • declaration of arrival
  • student registration (with visa D)
  • legalisation of a formal obligation
  • temporary protection - residence permit renewal (A Card)

For traders:

  • horeca permits
  • street trading and fairs
  • stands at markets
  • requests for information and support
  • tax and non-tax debts

The following documents can be picked up by proxy and with a copy of the identity card of the person:

  • an identity card, kids-ID, non-biometric residence card (also required: PIN/PUK codes of the holder of the card)
  • a driver's license (also required: the old license which has to be returned)
  • the passport

Call to make an appointment for:

  • applications in urgent/very urgent procedure of an identity card, kids-ID, residence permit (if you are registered in the population register), by calling 02 279 35 40
  • passport applications in urgent procedure at the number 02 279 35 60

Appointment directly at the counter (Foreigners' Office) for residence permits E.

Note: by choosing an hour in the agenda you have to respect your appointment and have to be effectively present at the service at the chosen hour. Any delay means you lose your appointment and you will be placed in a regular row (see terms and conditions).

  • registered in the City (1000, 1020, 1120, 1130 Brussels)
  • prepare all documents that are required for the agreement

A new appointment or a new ticket must be requested if:

  • you are late for your appointment
  • you do not have all the required documents
  • you do not meet the conditions for issuing the requested document

By clicking the button 'Make an appointment', you agree to these terms and conditions.