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Working at the City of Brussels

The staff of the City of Brussels dedicate their careers to produce a quality service to the citizens in very different professions: nanny, engineer, architect, lawyer, office clerk,...

Jobs at the municipal administration

Public Education jobs

Other current job offers

Bravvo (Prevention Service)

Brufête - Brufeest

CPAS-OCMW (Public Welfare Centre)


Diversity plan

Working with a handicap

The City has a policy of diversity, non-discrimination and equal opportunities and is primarily looking for talent. Candidates with a disability should attach next form to their application:

The coordinator of the integration plan looks at the CVs and sees how the workplace of the candidate can be adapted to the disability. He takes care of the candidate during the entire selection process and follows him during the first months after his appointment.

The City of Brussels recruits students for different jobs during the school holidays.

Road Works and Public Heritage

Registrations were closed on Thursday 27 May 2021.

Youth leaders

The Jeugd in Brussel association searches youth leaders for the Dutch-language holiday camps of the City of Brussels. More info:

The Jeunesse à Bruxelles association searches youth leaders for the French-language youth activities of the City of Brussels:

The City of Brussels ensures that each year many students can enrich their academic knowledge through an internship at the City. If you are interested in a trainee period, you can send your resume and a letter via an online form.

More info on employment and training in Brussels: