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Emergency services

These telephone numbers are to be used in case of emergency.

The calls to emergency services 100 - 101 - 103 - 107 - 110 - 112 are free. This is also the case when calling the numbers beginning with 0800.

Logo Number Service
Logo Red Cross


Red Cross
Help and intervention in case of disasters and disasters.

Website: External

Logo Poison Unit

070 245 245

Poison unit
Urgent medical aid 24 hours a day

Website: External

Logo Suicide prevention centre

0800 32 123 (in French)
1813 (in Dutch)

Suicide prevention centre
Assistance service by telephone 24hours a day, in all anonymity. The listening is assured by a team of voluntary people trained by the permanent team of the centre. People can call them if they want to be listened to. The free number is intended for people in a suicidal crisis or for people who have acquaintances with this problem.

Website: External or External siteZelfmoord1813

SOS 112 logo


European emergency call
The European emergency telephone number is 112, which you can use in the member states of the European Union in case you need urgent help from a fire brigade, a medical team or the police.

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Application: External siteapp 112 BE

Logo Fire brigades and ambulance


Fire brigades and ambulance
Service of fire brigades.
Emergency medical aid 24 hours a day.

Website: External siteBrussels Fire Brigade

Logo federal police


Federal police

To call in case of extreme urgency.

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Logo 1722 1722 Only for non-urgent interventions of the fire brigade during storm or flood: number 1722 or online form at External site1722
Wasp's nest: online form at External site1722
Logo Child Focus

116 000

Child Focus
European centre for children that have disappeared or that are sexually exploited.
Assistance service by telephone 24hours a day.

The centre offers an active support in the search of children that have disappeared or that have been removed. It also fights against the disappearance and sexual exploitation of children and gives aid to victims.

Website: External

Logo Sibelga 0800 19 400

Sibelga - gas odors

Emergency number for reporting gas odors in a home, building or street.
Website: External siteSibelga

Logo Sibelga 02 274 40 66

Sibelga - blackout - power failure - street lighting

Emergency number for reporting a blackout (power failure), current fluctuations in a home or neighborhood, and problems with street lighting
Website: External siteSibelga

Logo Vivaqua 02 739 52 11


Emergency number in case of technical emergency on the water distribution network and the sewerage network.
Website: External siteVivaqua

Logo Bruxelles Environnement 02 775 78 70

Bruxelles Environnement

External siteOffenses related to the environment and animal welfare (noise, pollution, waste,...)
External siteContact Bruxelles Environnement

Other services are External sitetelephone counseling services.