Is a barbecue allowed in Brussels?

Using a barbecue in the City of Brussels is permitted under certain conditions.

Barbecue at home

The use of a grill is described in the police regulation of the City under Section 8 (fire and smoke), Article 31: Barbecues are allowed in private gardens to the extent that they do not constitute a danger to the safety and do not bother the neighborhood.

A barbecue on a balcony, a platform or a roof is thus not allowed. Barbecues are also not allowed on the public road, except after authorization of the Mayor and on the conditions imposed by the fire brigade.

The first paragraph of article 31 of the police regulation restricts the use of a barbecue: It is forbidden to disturb the neighborhood with smoke, odors or fumes from any source, as well as projectiles or material of any kind.


In green spaces, flames and thus barbecues are prohibited.

Created on 20/04/2017 (modified on 15/10/2019)