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Boulevard Adolphe Max redevelopment (completed)

What is it about?

Reconstruction from facade to facade of the Boulevard Adolphe Max and its side streets: Rue de la Fiancée, Rue du Finistère, Rue du Pont-Neuf, Rue Saint-Pierre and Rue de Malines.

More info about the yard:

Boulevard Adolphe Max redevelopment

What purpose?

The aim of this redevelopment is to restore the Boulevard Adolphe Max to its former glory. The project includes the planting of new rows of trees and a quality pavement for the footpaths. This revaluation was chosen for the following reasons:

  • improving the living environment of local residents and traders, and redesigning the boulevard so that the various traffic flows will run more smoothly
  • creating the conditions for walks in the city and creating contiguous spaces for pedestrians on the north-south axis of the Pentagon (city centre)
  • reducing car traffic for the benefit of pedestrians and creating bicycle connections with the surrounding neighbourhoods
  • aligning the Boulevard Adolphe Max with the goals of the Good Move regional mobility plan

More details about the redevelopment plan (including mobility, traffic, greening, street furniture,...) are available in French and Dutch:

Timing, procedure and works

The permit application for the reconstruction was submitted to the Region in December 2020 and was declared complete in May 2021. As part of the procedure, a public enquiry and a Consultation Committee were being organised.

The public enquiry was held from 18 August to 16 September 2021. For 2 weeks there were red posters in the perimeter to announce the public enquiry. Everyone then had the opportunity to consult the building file online or at the Town Planning department of the City and to respond to the plans. If you wished, you could also ask to be invited to the Consultation Committee.

The plans were presented at the Consultation Committee and those present could ask questions or make an objection. The Consultation Committee then issued a recommendation to which the project had to be adapted.

Saturday 13 April 2024: festive inauguration

From 2 pm on the Boulevard Adolphe Max.

You can enjoy brass bands, street parades and a number of creative workshops, specially planned for local residents and shopkeepers. For the occasion, more than 85 multi-colored kites will decorate the avenue's overhead lines and giant colored flowers will be placed along the sidewalks.

In addition, during an educational workshop organised by the quarries 'Pierre Bleue Belge' and 'Carrières du Hainaut' (which supplied the Belgian blue stone of the promenade), you can delve into the fascinating history of these famous quarries and of stone cutting.

Boulevard Adolphe Max redevelopment