Complete reports of the public meetings of the City Council

A complete report is always written after a public meeting of the City council. The report is in French and Dutch.

The interventions of the various members of the municipal council are written in the complete report of the session. This report is drafted by shorthand writers who attend the public meeting.

The complete report contains the oral debate which took place during the public meeting. There will thus be no track of points which were not the object of discussion during the session. The interventions appear in the language of the speaker.

These reports also contain the development of the oral questions by the City councillors and the answers given by the College members.

The minutes of the session of the City council (written by the Municipal Secretary) and the complete report (written by the shorthand writers) are thus 2 different documents with another goal. The minutes are the official document containing all the decisions taken by the City council. The report allows to consult the political debate which took place on certain points.

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