Council of Brussels Residents of Foreign Origins (CBOE)

The Council of Brussels Residents of Foreign Origins has 23 members, of 14 different origins and is reinforced with 2 experts.

The councillors are indicated by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen after application. The objective is to value their personal expertise and that of their association, in particular in the reception of new-comers.


  • Mohamed Ouriaghli, president, Alderman for Housing, Equal Opportunities and ICT

Members of the Office

  • Luisa Bongiovanni, Eglantine
  • Carmen Draghici, Maison culturelle belgo-roumaine (ARTHIS)
  • Adel Fakih, Bruxelles Trait d'Union
  • Noviti Houmey, Maison de l'Initiative Citoyenne (MIC)
  • Lhoussaine Ouachem Brahim, Ligne de Mire


  • Abdoulaye Balde, Coopération pour le Développement de Dalaba (CDD)
  • Nawal Ben Hamou, Femmes Prévoyantes Socialistes
  • Moussa Dioum, Communauté Mauritanienne de Belgique (CMB)
  • Mohamed Elmi Yabeh, WAARUF
  • Belaid Kouhmane, Centre culturel islamique ARRAYAN
  • Moustapha Louafdi, CSC
  • Jan Masiel, Conseil de la Communauté Polonaise de Belgique
  • Régine Mfuni Katende, Union des Femmes Africaines
  • Anastasia Papadopoulos, Entraide Bruxelles
  • Konte Sambieni, Centre de Coopération à la Politique de la Jeunesse Africaine (CCPJA)

The CBOE meets at least 6 times a year: the sessions are open to the public and are held in the room of the city council. The Council acts as an executive organ. The Secretary is in charge of drafting the minutes of the sessions, whereas 2 civil servants assure a proper meeting of the Council.

The reports of the sessions of the CBOE are only available in Dutch and French.

The social office of the Council listens to problems of foreigners. It gives answers to questions that aren't treated at a municipal counter. The questions often concern the stay, the registry office, the housing, the work permit, the naturalization. The office can be found at the Boulevard Maurice Lemonnier 162.

The office offers an accompaniment and a social follow-up for people often disorientated by the difficulties of the administrative procedures. The office is also a good lookout on the new migratory phenomena and the questions which they generate.