Culture tickets for seniors

The City of Brussels gives Brussels seniors free tickets for various cultural performances.

These tickets allow the persons who:

  • are at least 65 years and
  • have their residence on the territory of the City of Brussels (postal codes 1000 - 1020 - 1120 - 1130)

to attend a play or performance of their choice in the following theatres:

All seniors are entitled to two free tickets in two centres of their choice, as long as there are places available.

When and where?

The tickets can be picked up - from 1 September - at the GardeRobe MannekenPis (Rue du Chêne 19 - 1000 Brussels - 02 213 44 50) from Tuesday to Sunday between 10 am and 5 pm.

To receive free tickets seniors should be in possession of their ID card. If someone wants to pick up tickets for an entire group, he must bring the ID cards of all persons involved.