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Discover Brussels while running

The French-language blog Be run wants to (re)discover Brussels by running (or not), via routes and posts on the blog, or by organizing events such as the 'Traversée de Bruxelles'.

The aim of the blog is to promote Brussels in an 'unusual' way, with attention to, for example, the Brussels language (Brusseleir), gastronomy, street art, dead ends, monuments,... The blog has already created many routes that can be done alone or in a small group:

'Traversée de Bruxelles' event

The creators of the site also organize the 'Traversée de Bruxelles' (Straight through Brussels), a free city run to discover the main tourist attractions of the capital. This free event can be done by yourself on the day of the Car Free Sunday in Brussels:

Created on 19/06/2020 (modified on 22/06/2020)


Discover Brussels while running