Ducobu comic book wall at the Rue des Six Jetons

A new comic book wall of Ducobu is now visible at the Rue des Six Jetons. The wall was created by the Editions du Lombard and in collaboration with the Ecole Léon Lepage.

L'élève Ducobu (Ducobu the pupil) is a comic series created by Zidrou and Falzar (written) and Godi (drawing). The new comic book wall gives color to the playground of the French-language school Léon Lepage and the Rue des Six Jetons.

The work is the result a drawing competition in the school. Three classes of the 5th grade were given the assignment to think about what Ducobu would draw on his papers. The six drawings that were selected by Godi and Falzar are now an integral part of the new fresco and appear on the white papers that Ducobu throws in the air.

Created on 11/06/2018 (modified on 11/06/2018)