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Exhibition. 'Passage. Textiles & Rituals'

Jewish Museum of Belgium
Rue des Minimes 21 - 1000 Brussels
Friday 15 March 2024 - Sunday 1 September 2024

From 15 March to 1 September 2024 at the Jewish Museum of Belgium.

Passage reflects on the idea of transformation. It explores how the spiritual blends with the profane life, how the rite combines with the ordinary, and what happens when the collective and the intimate tie together.  

The exhibition consists of 3 complementary paths. The first immerses us in the universe of Charlemagne Palestine. Echoing the fabric assemblages of Charlemagne Palestine, the 2nd route proposes a dialogue around textiles, by crossing the collections of the Jewish Museum of Belgium, those of the Center of Judeo-Moroccan Culture, and the interventions of 4 contemporary artists: Jennifer Bornstein, Richard Moszkowicz, Elise Peroi, Arlette Vermeiren.

Through a performances program, the 3rd path questions the contemporary resurgence of beliefs and rites. Hilal Aydoğdu, David Bernstein, Barbara Salomé Felgenhauer, and Zinaïda Tchelidze rethink the museum space to create an intimate and sensory laboratory, conducive to reflection and exchange.

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