Exhibition. Yannick Ganseman

From 20 April to 17 September 2023 at the Centrale for contemporary art (Centrale Lab).

Yannick Ganseman presents the project Wolken boven Brussel (Clouds above Brussels). Here he takes up the artistic challenge to switch from 'indoor' work to 'outdoor' work.

As a visual artist, Yannick Ganseman is known mainly for private scenes, still life and landscapes. He now puts forward the idea of creating a slightly majestic interpretation of a thunderstorm above Brussels and integrating this as a ceramic work at the Place Sainte-Catherine.

The artist will first of all create a temporary version using perishable materials (PU foam, wood, polystyrene, clay, etc.) at the Centrale Lab. Members of the public will be able to contribute to the modelling of the piece. The work will then be exposed to the weather, passers-by, graffiti, damage,... outside for a certain period of time, after which it will be used as a starting point for a work in clay that will be cut up and fired before a ceramic version is made that can be installed in a public space.

The final work of art is set to become a meeting place that visually reflects the various aspects of the square.

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Exhibition. Yannick Ganseman