Faouzia Hariche

Alderwoman for French-language Public Education, Youth and Human Resources.

Faouzia Hariche, born in Algeria, grew up in a modest working environment. In 1974 she moved, at the age of 7, with her family to Charleroi where she soon became active in youth movements.

When she obtains her master's degree in Romance Philology at the ULB, she comes to live in Brussels. Education is very important for her. She then takes an active part in social life and is working on the launch of projects for school support and the fight against all forms of inequality and discrimination.

Professionally she chooses for education. She is convinced that thanks to an education, everyone can have a job and decent living.

In 1994 Faouzia Hariche is elected as a councilor. In the new legislature she is responsible for the pupils from kindergarten to the end of their studies, but also for the staff of the City. After all, the competences of French-language education, youth and human resources, which are dear to her, fall under her authority.

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