More biodiversity at Leopold Park

The pond at the Leopold Park gets a natural bank again. This development should bring back nature and biodiversity in the area.

The pond at the Leopold Park is in bad shape. Invasive species like the Egyptian goose and the painted turtle dominate the ecosystem. The culprit? The brick wall that surrounds the pond. Shore plants, essential for the wellbeing of the ecosystem, have no place to grow.

Plants form the Maalbeek valley

Along 140 meters of the bank of the pond, gabions, sort of metal cages filled with stones, are being placed against the wall. Then plants will be planted in the gabions. When the plants, which used to be present in the valley of the Maalbeek, will grow, the biotope can recover.

The revegetation project is not the only biodiversity initiative in the Park. In 2013, a flower meadow was sown near the Emile Jacqmain school. There are also plans to install information signs telling stories about the remarkable trees in the park.

Created on 17/01/2017 (modified on 20/03/2017)