Network of free 'accessible toilets'

Do you urgently need to go to the toilet in Brussels? There are also free 'accessible toilets' available among the other public toilets and urinals.

What are 'accessible toilets'?

The City of Brussels set up a network of 'accessible toilets' in collaboration with cafes, restaurants, shopkeepers and cultural and public spaces: the trader makes his toilets available free of charge and the City supports the trader with an allowance for the use and cleaning of the toilets.

To make the network known to passers-by, the trader puts a logo (PDF, 29.92 KB) on the window or facade.

Where to find 'accessible toilets'?

Discover all accessible toilets at:

Public toilets and urinals

The video shows a presentation of the 'accessible toilets' (this video is in French and Dutch with subtitles in French and Dutch):

Created on 27/11/2023 (modified on 27/11/2023)


Network of free 'accessible toilets'