Non-tax debt: financial information about a pending file (fee) and/or dispute

The fee is payable following the performance of a service provided by the municipality to a company or household to its benefit, regardless of whether this service was voluntarily requested or imposted by regulation.

It may be a parking ban disc, your bills for nurseries, markets, itinerant markets, terraces, fairs,...

If you have a financial question concerning:

  • your case
  • a payment reminder
  • a formal demand
  • a dispute

Do you have a financial question concerning your case? About a payment reminder or a formal demand?


To be the actual person liable for a non-tax debt or the legal representative of a person liable for a non-tax debt.

How to apply?

By e-mail:

By telephone appointment or by appointment at the counter of the Administrative Centre of the City of Brussels, to be taken:

Required documents

Identity document

More info?

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