Registration of a European Union (EU) citizen

Coronavirus measures: European and non-European citizens have to apply for their registration with the City of Brussels electronically. European citizens and equals (nationals of Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and family members of non-Belgian European citizens): Make an appointment (for a first registration) or : (for the follow-up of your file - attach the documents justifying the stay). It is possible to collect ID and residence cards without an appointment.

If you have the nationality of a member state of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, and are:

  • Employee in paid employment
  • Job-seeker
  • Self-employed person: entrepreneur, active partner , helper, liberal profession
  • With sufficient means of existence: retired, 'person living off interest', volunteer, employed in a neighbouring country (but living in Brussels), person who is financially dependent on a third person or the cohabiting person.
  • Student
  • Spouse or partner of a subject of the EU, EEA or Switzerland in the context of a commitment that is the equivalent to marriage.
  • Partner of a subject of the EU, EEA or Switzerland in the context of a long-term relationship. Please note: both spouses or partners must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Blood relative in descending line (descendant) of a subject of the EU, EEA or Switzerland
  • Parent (father or mother) of a Belgian minor
  • Blood relative in ascending line (ascendant) of a subject of the EU, EEA or Switzerland

the registration is only possible by appointment.

  • national passport or national ID card
  • a photo and also other documents (see required documents?). Some documents can also be submitted later. This is all clearly explained to the person in question during this initial contact.

Remark: when someone takes this first step it is extremely important he/she provides the correct address to the administration (street, number, box number). The police will check whether the person is effectively staying at the notified address.

When registering in the immigration register 2 photographs need to be provided (2 for EU or EEA subjects who only want the free appendix 8), in addition to the original photograph.

For children younger than 12, 2 photographs suffice and instead of appendix 8 or the E card they will receive a small proof of identity.

When the person has submitted all required documents, he/she receives a statement of registration, more specifically appendix 8 (not applicable to Swiss subjects) and he/she will be able to order an electronic identity card E that is valid for 5 years (C card for Swiss subject), which does not apply to a person falling under the authority of the Immigration service:

  • a person who has sufficient means of existence (except pensioners from Belgium, disabled persons)
  • adult ascendants, descendants as well as spouses, partners and descendants of Belgians

These people will receive a statement of registration (appendix 8) or an E card after a positive recommendation of the Immigration service or after a period of 6 months (most common situation) if the Immigration service does not react negatively.

If the person is unable to submit all documents and/or falls in one of the aforementioned cases, he/she will receive a request for statement of registration (appendix19). All documents must be submitted within a period of 3 months from the submission of appendix 19.

Remark: the E card can only be ordered after a positive control of the address. The E card can be ordered and picked up at the Administrative Centre ( ID cards Service) but also in the liaison offices (Population services of Neder-Over-Heembeek, Laeken, Louise, Haren and the North-East quarter).

  • Appendix 19, appendix 8 and the ID card for children younger than 12 are free.
  • The costs for the electronic ID or resident cards amount to 25 euros per card.
  • Very urgent electronic cards (period of receipt: 1 day - receipt after 2 pm) cost 150 euros.