Reper-Vreven roundabout redevelopment (completed)

What is it about?

Redevelopment from facade to facade of the roundabout between the Rue Reper-Vreven, the Rue Stevens-Delannoy and the Rue Félix Sterckx. The part of the roundabout between the Rue Reper-Vreven and Rue Félix Sterckx will be cut for car traffic, creating a real square.

Inauguration of the Place Marsupilami (17 May 2023)

Reper-Vreven roundabout redevelopment

What purpose?

The roundabout in the heart of the district between Houba, Heysel and Sobieski looks gray today and lacks an interpretation and identity. The design of this public space dates from a different time and leaves a great potential unused.

In order to create a real square, we are going to redevelop the space that is available: the part of the roundabout between the Rue Reper-Vreven and Rue Félix Sterckx will become a pedestrian zone, the circulation in the district will be rethought and the 10 parking spaces on the square will be deleted.

At the place, there will be a square at ground level with lots of color, urban furniture and a varied greenery to boost biodiversity. The following options are provided:

  • a play area
  • bicycle racks
  • a Velobox
  • a bicycle repair station
  • a water fountain
  • 2 buried glass containers
  • different seating elements
  • a book exchange box
  • place for terraces
  • new lighting
  • different types of plants and shrubs
  • 13 new trees and retaining the existing trees

Meeting with the neighborhood

On 24 June 2019, we gave a presentation of the preliminary design at the Kakelbont School (Rue Reper-Vreven 100). Local residents, parents of students from nearby schools and the Triangle neighborhood committee asked their questions and gave their comments.

On 17 October 2019, we presented a new plan to the neighborhood at the Emile Bockstael municipal primary school (Rue Heysel 104).

Reper-Vreven redevelopmentReper-Vreven redevelopment

Traffic and parking

In the current situation, there are 10 parking spaces and 1 parking space for people with reduced mobility (PRM) on the square. In the new redevelopment, the 10 regular parking spaces on the square will be deleted. The parking lot for PRM will be retained and a delivery zone will be created near the grocery store. All 98 parking spaces in the adjacent streets will be retained.

New traffic circulation:

Reper-Vreven redevelopmentReper-Vreven redevelopment

Materials and planting

To create the feeling of one space, we use a single material for the entire perimeter. The square, the street and the sidewalk are constructed in colored concrete elements (gray, black and blue) in different sizes and with alternating joints. The play area on the square is constructed of a red rubber material suitable for absorbing falls and shocks.

For the planting, we opted for varieties that boost biodiversity and bloom all year round. The existing trees will all be retained and there will be 13 new trees, including 4 fruit trees.

Reper-Vreven redevelopment

Timing, procedure and works

The permit application for the reconstruction was submitted to the Region in May 2020 and was declared complete in November 2020. As part of the procedure, a public inquiry and a Consultation Committee were organized in early 2021.

As with any reconstruction project, utility companies are first given the opportunity to renew their facilities. In this case, it is Sibelga, which will renew the street lighting. They start these interventions simultaneously with the works of the City.

The reconstruction works will take 80 working days.

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Reper-Vreven roundabout redevelopment