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Right to increased allowance?

Right to increased allowance?

About 30 to 35,000 people in the Brussels Capital Region could be entitled to the increased allowance but do not receive it. If you think you meet the conditions, contact the Public Welfare Centre (CPAS-OCMW) for help.

This Right to Increased Allowance supports low-income families to access:

  • healthcare
  • social water and energy tariffs
  • preferential telecommunications tariffs in the future

However, many people do not get the increased allowance due to a lack of knowledge of the social rights linked to this status.

Help from the CPAS?

The CPAS and the health insurance funds are now working together to support families in Brussels. Need help? Then contact: 

External siteCPAS of the City of Brussels
Rue Haute 296
1000 Brussels
02 543 63 39

More info about the increased allowance?

External siteIncreased allowance: better reimbursement of medical expenses (in French and Dutch)

Created on 31/05/2023 (Modified on 01/06/2023)