Traffic change and local traffic in and around Rue du Chêne

In order to guarantee the safety of the pedestrians, the Rue du Chêne, the Impasse du Val des Roses, and the Rue de l'Etuve (between 59-65/48-52) will become a restricted traffic zone from 25 April 2018. These streets are then accessible for local traffic with admission tickets.

Traffic between 4 am and 11 am

Between 4 am and 11 am, the streets remain accessible to local traffic. The maximum speed of 20 km/h must be respected. Pedestrians have priority over the entire width of the street. Cyclists, taxis and emergency services are allowed to drive 24 hours a day.

Traffic after 11 am

Residents and traders of the Rue du Chêne, the Impasse du Val des Roses, and the Rue de l'Etuve (between 59-65/48-52) can request an admission ticket to be allowed to drive through these streets after 11 am. That document must be placed under the windshield to drive in the restricted traffic zone.

Traffic direction changes

The Place de la Vieille Halle aux Blés, Rue de l'Escalier and Rue de Dinant are limited for local traffic and some traffic directions are changed (see map below in red).

Map with traffic changes at the Rue du Chêne quarter

Admission tickets

Who can get a permanent admission ticket?

  • Users of a private parking or garage (2 places/garage)
  • Residents of the streets involved who do not have a private parking or garage in the zone (maximum 2 per family)
  • Residents older than 65 years or with a restriction may give this permission to a third party (a caregiver, for example) if this third party has the resident as a destination
  • Street traders (up to 2 per trader/company)
  • People who work in medical or home care, veterinarians and transport services for seniors and people with reduced mobility
  • The public services

Who can get a temporary admission ticket?

  • Customers who use a parking or garage of an institution
  • Moving trucks, work services at yards,...

Where to apply for an authorization?

Urgent access

Exceptional urgent access:

  • Police office
    Rue du Marché au Charbon 30
    1000 Brussels
    02 279 77 11

More information

More details on the access conditions are only available in French and Dutch.

Created on 13/04/2018 (modified on 13/04/2018)