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Les Snuls artwork

The artwork The Soulagicon by Les Snuls can be seen at the Brucity Administrative Centre of the City of Brussels (Rue des Halles 4 - 1000 Brussels).

The Soulagicon (Ô Sulajikon in Japanese*)
Les Snuls, 1989 - 1993

(Kris Debusscher, Nico Fransolet, Sergio Honorez, Fred Jannin & Stef Liberski)

The Soulagicon, a masterpiece of Snul** art, represents the lower half of a male individual - his bottom, one might say. Equipped with an ingenious mechanism, the device is intended to allow users to release frustration over universal stupidity. All they have to do is push a button, grab the handles on the sides, and raise their leg sharply to ensure firm contact between their knee and the aforementioned 'man's' unmentionables. The impact then triggers a sound concocted by NASA Luxembourg, Peace&Love&Paprika department, intended to releive (or 'soulager' in French) the user's stress.

Originally, prior to the fatal blow, the Soulagicon used to utter one annoying phrase or another, some stupid cliché that would be commonly heard in streets and waiting rooms at that time. This feature, now determined as having been done to death, has since been removed. The new ultramodern version of the cult object can procure you that same sweet release without the need for the inane small talk. It will also give you a good laugh.

* It works like crazy in Japan
** Les Snuls was a group of Belgian comedians active from 1989 to 1993

In 1989, the Snuls (Kris Debusscher, Nico Fransolet, Sergio Honorez, Fred Jannin & Stef Liberski) would never have imagined that the sharp, steely, James Bond-like piercing gaze they were taking on the social niceties of their time would trigger the mediatic-cultural tsunami that subsequently swept across Belgium. This one was going to crush everything in its path, right up to Brucity.

Les Snuls artwork