Student housing

In Brussels, housing intended to be rented to university or high school students is called kots (French) or koten (Dutch).

Tax regulation

According to article 4 of the tax regulation on second homes (PDF, 346.49 KB) (where the occupant is not registered at the population register of the City), students who live in a student room do not have to pay a tax for that.

On the other hand, the tax regulation on a furnished accommodation (PDF, 345.70 KB) says that people who let this accommodation need to pay a tax.

Finding student rooms

The universities and high schools in Brussels can be contacted:

  • because they have their own student housing
  • or because they centralize the offers of student rooms by private individuals and inform about the conditions and the manners of the rent

Infor Jeunes and Brik

The French-language Infor Jeunes association informs, helps and advises young people in all areas that concern them (education, housing,...):

The External site Brik association offers information about the Dutch-language universities and high schools in Brussels. It has an online database of 'koten' External site MyKot and gives information about renting student rooms.