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Town planning information for real estate transactions (Art.275 of the CoBAT)

The town planning information informs each applicant about the regulations, regional or municipal, that apply to his property. They are required with every sales contract.

The rules and procedures of town planning information can be consulted at:

External siteTown planning information 

The request for town planning information must be submitted using the:

The form must be filled in completely, accompanied by all required documents and sent to:

Your application will only be processed from the moment that all required documents have been received.

The application will be processed in the language of the application form, unless specifically requested in the initial cover letter.

Due to the workload, the Town Planning Services are unable to comply with your request for town planning information within the periods imposed by the 'Brussels Town Planning Code' (CoBat). The service makes every effort to eliminate the backlog as quickly as possible.

The archives of files (closed permits) can be consulted at the Archives of the City of Brussels:

Search building plans

A copy (paper or digital) of certain documents can be obtained after payment of a fee.

Please note: in the case of town planning permits, the Archives of the City of Brussels has the exclusive task of making the files available for consultation. Consequently, the officers of the Archives Department are not authorised to:

  • answer questions of a town planning nature (legal status of an asset, town planning zoning, explanation of plans,...)
  • formulate opinions or interpret the content of files of town planning permits kept in the depots
  • provide attestations of any kind (zoning, absence of plans,...)