Upper and lower town connection master plan

The City of Brussels launched a study to draw up a master plan which rethinks the public space around the North-South connection. The goal is to better connect the upper and lower city.

It concerns the following zone (at the Pentagon city centre):

  • Boulevard Pacheco
  • from the Central Station to the Sablon
  • and adjacent streets

Perimeter research on the connection between the upper and lower town

Together with the Bouwmeester - Maître Architecte, the City of Brussels launched a study to develop an urban planning vision for this entire zone. At the same time, a number of squares are being renovated immediately.

'Soft mobility' and fight against heat islands

Space is being made for meetings and the vulnerable road user will be able to move more safely. The various public and cultural actors in the surrounding neighborhoods are invited to contribute to the identity of this changing public space. On this 'mineral' axis, the City also fights against heat islands: rainwater is collected in underground reservoirs and gives life to urban forests on softened areas.

Master plan?

The first phase of the Master plan consists of a diagnosis of the existing public space and mobility in the perimeter. Various usage functions will be tested at the same time.

A second phase of the plan is the development of a global ambitious vision in the form of an 'image quality plan' that sets the rules for future projects in the zone.

In a third and final phase, the strategic vision is translated into specific regulations for each type of space in the perimeter. The landscape regulations will relate to the layout and choice of materials. Programming regulations describe the activities and functions, both temporary and permanent. The technical regulations include plantings and environmental regulations. The intention is that these regulations formulate concrete quality requirements that future projects in the perimeter must meet.

Participatory workshops are provided at various times throughout the process.

Central Station and Place de l'Albertine?

In addition, the engineering office must immediately draw up detailed plans for the redesign of the public space around the:

  • Central Station (intersection between the rue Cantersteen, Rue de la Putterie, Rue du Cardinal Mercier, Rue de Loxum, Rue des Paroissiens, Rue des Colonies, Rue du Marché au Bois, Rue de la Montagne du Parc, Rue de la Chancellerie, Rue des Douze Apôtres and Rue Ravenstein (to the Rue Baron Horta))
  • Place de l'Albertine (and the connection with the Mont des Arts at the Boulevard de l'Empereur)

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    Upper and lower town connection master plan
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