Violations, safety and health

The Control Unit deals with complaints about and checking violations of the town planning and environmental law, as well as the handling of complaints related to unhealthy housing and safety problems that arise in premises open to the public throughout Brussels.

The Control Unit mainly acts on the basis of complaints made by citizens, but also acts on the basis of observations made by officials. After examining the file and finding of a violation, the offender is asked to comment through a notice to resolve the situation. If no action is taken, the officials may draw up a report of the offense for the purpose of criminal prosecution or an administrative fine ranging from 250 to 100,000 euros.

File a complaint:

Form for town planning and environmental violation complaints (PDF, 916.20 KB) (in French and Dutch)

Public safety

The engineers of the City of Brussels are responsible for ensuring the safety of citizens in public places and managing the risks to which public places are or may be subject (risk of falling parts of buildings, falling trees,...). When a problem is reported (complaint from a citizen, police and fire department report or after detection by officials), an inspector goes on site to analyze the situation. Depending on the gravity of the situation, he will take the appropriate measures to ensure the safety of local residents and passers-by.

These engineers are also responsible for checking security certificates from hotels, nursing homes, hospitals and for the periodic checks of party and show rooms.

Public health

An official of the City of Brussels is also responsible for the management of problems associated with unhealthy homes and other health problems. Inspections are carried out to secure the application of the laws concerning hygiene of premises, as well as the specific rules included in the plans of a building permit.

File a complaint:

Form for public safety and health complaints (PDF, 916.20 KB) (in French and Dutch)