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What's a School Contract?

The School Contract is a regional urban renewal programme. It aims to upgrade school neighbourhoods in Brussels and strengthen the relationship between schools and their surroundings, thanks to investments and interventions in and around schools over a 5-year period. A maximum of 2.5 million euros will be allocated per contract.

This programme is started by the External siteSchool Service of and further coordinated in collaboration with the school, the municipality and the Region. The School Contract aims to promote better urban integration of schools. The primary focus is on schools that accommodate vulnerable pupils, are located in Zones of Urban Regeneration and have underused spaces.

Goals of a School Contract?

The school contract pursues a triple aim:

  • Improve urban integration of educational institutions
  • Increase the offer of collective facilities for the inhabitants of the neighbourhood through opening up the educational institutions outside school hours: access to sports infrastructure, to the refectory, opening up the schoolyard,...
  • Opening the school to the neighbourhood through socio-economic actions and operations of redefining public space

More info?

External siteSchool Contract (in French and Dutch,

The video shows a presentation of the School Contract (this video contains spoken language in French, subtitles in Dutch and background music). A version with subtitles in French is available here: External siteHet Schoolcontract.