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Where to find public computer rooms?

Where to find public computer rooms?

Public computer rooms (or Digital Public Spaces) make computers with an Internet connection available to everyone. At these rooms, you can freely use the PCs and the Internet, ask for help and advice from the supervisors and follow training courses.

Visit the public computer room (EPN in French) near you to:

  • start your job search, write your resume or cover letter
  • use online administrative channels (with or without assistance)
  • follow digital courses (basic IT knowledge, programming, Photoshop,...)
  • get answers to IT questions
  • simply browse the Internet

Rooms at the City of Brussels

At the City of Brussels you can visit next public computer rooms:

  • EPN Bibliothèque de Laeken
  • Centrale de l'Emploi - Werkcentrale
  • EPN Bibliothèque des Riches-Claires
  • EPN Bravvo
  • EPN Double Click
  • EPN Mobile de l'Espace Culture et Développement
  • EPN Action et Recherche Culturelles (ARC)

More info

External siteMap of EPN at Brussels

More info about digital inclusion:

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Created on 12/05/2021 (Modified on 06/12/2023)