2020-2030 Tree Plan

The City of Brussels made a plan to develop and protect its public tree heritage. The 2020-2030 Tree Plan should make the City more resilient and pleasant to live in.

The trees, or by extension nature, in the city are today a central point of attention in urban policy. Trees have many assets:

  • trees hold a lot of carbon (up to 120 kg CO2 during their lifetime) and thus purify the city air
  • trees filter up to 20 kg of particulate matter per year
  • trees act as air conditioning on an urban scale and prevent the heat island effect
  • in winter, trees form a (wind) screen and thus limit the influence of cold wind (which leads to less heating energy consumption)
  • trees are hiding places for animals and insects (conservation of urban biodiversity)

But trees in the city also have a vulnerable side: due to illness, pollution, damage from cars or vandals... they are regularly exposed to danger.

A plan in 3 phases

The 2020-2030 Tree Plan consists of 3 phases.

First phase: preservation of the existing tree heritage

A 'tree charter' is being made for all those involved in the City. The City also creates the function of 'Tree Master', who must steer the implementation of the plan in the right direction and cooperate with all City services.

Second phase: increase the number of trees in Brussels

The City wants to plant trees wherever possible. In the street or in public spaces or areas: from the beginning of 2020 studies are being conducted to determine whether trees can be planted in certain neighborhoods and how to increase the pace of new plantations.

An engineering office maps out the subsurface and indicates all places where trees can be planted and where they can grow. The pilot project will start in 2 quarters (in May 2020): the European quarter and Low Laeken.

Third phase: activate and raise awareness among the population

In 2020, the City will organize a Tree Party to draw the citizen's attention to the importance of nature, trees and biodiversity in the city. It will also invite you to present your ideas. Furthermore, it will further expand and support the godfathering of a tree and the greening of tree driplines. There will also be lectures and actions to encourage citizens to cooperate on this theme.


Created on 03/12/2019 (modified on 21/10/2021)