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Active Modes Committee

In the Active Modes Committee, various representatives of associations or experts in accessibility come together to discuss mobility, both for cyclists and pedestrians.

During these meetings, the participants have the opportunity to discuss the improvement of the development plans of the municipal representatives (reconstruction from facade to facade of the public space for streets, squares, new cycle paths,....). Other topics are discussed as well, such as awareness, education, bicycle policy at the municipal level in general.


Who meets in this committee? The Alderman for Mobility and his or her representatives, the municipal and regional services involved in mobility, the Brussels Capital Ixelles police zone (Bikers), the main bicycle associations and various accessibility and safety advisers for pedestrians and persons with reduced mobility. Other guests are sometimes also invited to discuss more specific topics.

The list of regularly attending members:

  • Alderman for Mobility and Public Works
  • Representatives of the Alderman
  • Municipal and regional officials working on mobility
  • Equal Opportunities Unit of the City of Brussels
  • Brussels Capital Ixelles police zone (Bikers)
  • Gracq
  • Pro Vélo
  • Fietsersbond
  • Cyclo
  • EUCG
  • Atingo
  • Vias
  • Tous à Pied


Topics covered include:

  • facilities for cyclists and pedestrians
  • bicycle parking
  • bicycle education in schools
  • prevention of bicycle theft
  • use of the bicycle in the administration
  • events to promote the bicycle
  • bicycle traffic in the parks
  • Bypad bicycle plan
  • electric steps and other self-service means of transport
  • ...