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According to the law, every person who wants to adopt a child must follow a preparation organized by the competent community.

Preparation for the adoption

This preparation includes information about the stages of the procedure, the legal effects and the other consequences of the adoption.

For the French community, it is necessary to address:

For the Dutch-language community, it is necessary to address:

International adoption

If you are enrolled in the City of Brussels as a citizen, you can transfer the international adoption decision to the Civil Registry if you adopted a child abroad. To do that, you must first register the decision at the Federal Justice Department (International Adoption Service). The birth certificate can be transferred at the same time as long as the child is Belgian (see Transfers).

How to apply?

Required documents

  • ID document (+ mandate and a copy of the identity document of the person concerned if the application is made by a third party)
  • Original birth certificate, translated by a certified translator and legalized
  • Original judgment from abroad, translated by a certified translator and legalized
  • Certificate of the International Adoption Service (the original for verification)


  • Free

Waiting period

  • One month for the transfer

Last update on 31/10/2022

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