The Archives of the City of Brussels are both a service and a building that preserve the memory of the City.

The main task of the Archives of the City of Brussels is to secure and preserve the documents of the municipal administration since the Middle Ages, regardless of their form (parchment, paper, photographs, digital documents). The service also acquires and stores a multitude of documents (photos, flyers,...), however trivial or modest they may be, with the aim to provide the future generations with as faithful and complete a picture as possible of the life in Brussels in all its aspects.

The richness and diversity of the files and collections make it one of the country's main public archives. Among the daily visitors are citizens who are looking for the plans of their house (files of building permits) or other administrative documents. But also genealogists who try to write their family history (genealogy) and researchers (professionals or amateurs) who immerse themselves in the history of Brussels.


Archives of the City of Brussels