Bonus for a (worm) composting bin

The City of Brussels gives its inhabitants (postal codes 1000, 1020, 1120, 1130 Brussels) a bonus for a (worm) composting bin.

By composting organic waste at home, the inhabitant decreases about a third of the contents of his domestic garbage can. He can so avoid the transport of waste (reduction of CO2 emissions) and he produces a natural and free fertilizer.

Compost bin and worm composting

The composting is within the reach of every owner of a garden, whatever the size of the garden. In the absence of a garden, the solution is vermicomposting (worm composting).

The amount of the municipal bonus is 75% of the purchase price of the compost bin, with a maximum of 50 euros per compost bin and per household.

For a worm composting bin, the amount of the bonus is fixed at 100% of the purchase price with a maximum of 100 euros per bin and per family.

How to apply?

Please fill in the application form and send it, with the necessary supporting documents and dated and signed. This has to be done within four months from the date of the purchase invoice of the compost bin.

The regulation and form are only available in Dutch and French.