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Bourse surroundings

What is it about?

The Bourse (Brussels Stock Exchange) is currently being renovated. It will be open from the spring of 2023:

Simultaneously with this project, the Rue de la Bourse, Rue Henri Maus and Rue du Midi will also be reconstructed around the building.

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What purpose?

The new Bourse will be a cultural and tourist hotspot, with a skybar, restaurant and brasserie and with access to the archaeological site Bruxella 1238 and the permanent experience centre on Belgian beer culture 'Belgian Beer World'. It will also be a central meeting place for everyone. The building will be an extension of the famous staircase: a place where the voice of the people of Brussels is heard - at the heart of the city.

Works at the Rue de la Bourse (Beursstraat)

In February 2022 the above-ground works at the Rue de la Bourse began. These works will last until the end of the year, unless bad weather delays the works.

Several works are planned. The contractor responsible for the current project will begin by placing micro-piles* between the archaeological site and the facades of the block of houses, and then between the archaeological site and the Bourse building.

The fence that currently stands in the street will be moved in March 2022 to include the archaeological site in the construction zone. The reconstruction of the road surface will take place between August and December 2022. In this brochure you will find a more detailed planning of the various steps:

* Vertical drilling technique to create a cement foundation in places that are difficult to reach and to bear varying weights, such as the weight of traffic on the road surface above the archaeological site.


Bourse surroundings
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