Bruciteam - stewards in the city centre

The stewards of Bruciteam, dressed in a red coat, are present in the streets of the city centre. The team monitors the cleanliness, comfort, safety and coziness of the city centre.

These stewards make reports which they transfer immediately to the relevant services. Their mission includes:

  • fast and effective action in determining violations of public cleanliness and damage to street furniture
  • maintaining public peace
  • acting as an intermediary between the different users of the city

Cooperation with other services

The team aims to strengthen the involvement of the various services that are active in the city. The stewards work directly with the various departments of the City (Public cleaning, Road works, External site police, External site Bravvo prevention service, External site Samusocial, Transit,...). They are also available to inform the public and refer people to other services.

Bruciteam (in French)