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Brussels Ekiden

King Baudouin Stadium
Avenue de Marathon - 1020 Brussels (Laeken)
Saturday 19 October 2024

The Brussels Ekiden is a relay run for groups of 6 runners inside and around the King Baudouin Stadium.

The registrations end on 8 October 2024. Every team has to consist of 6 runners. The whole team will have to cover the distance of a marathon, that is 42,195 km. The relays are done with a Tasuki, a ribbon carried around the trunk, a wink to the Japanese origins of the event. The race is open to companies, associations, sports clubs and children. The regulation is available on the website of the Ekiden run.


  • 10 am: day registrations for Kids Run
  • noon: Kids Run (1 km)
  • 1 pm: Brussels Ekiden


  • Runner 1: 5 km
  • Runner 2: 10
  • Runner 3: 5
  • Runner 4: 10
  • Runner 5: 5
  • Runner 6: 7,195 (Relay zone in the King Baudouin Stadium)


Spectators are not authorised on the track. They can take place in the stands or along the course.

Kids Run

The Kids Run is a race of 1 km, specially intended for children from 4 to 12 years old.


The registrations end on 8 October 2024. Possiblity of online registration via:

External siteBrussels Ekiden

King Baudouin Stadium

The #KingBaudouinStadium social networks provide info on all the events and life at the stadium: