Brussels Ekiden

This event has already passed

On Saturday 14 October 2017, relay run for groups of 6 runners inside and around the King Baudouin Stadium.

The registrations end on 2 October 2017. Every team has to consist of 6 runners. The whole team will have to cover the distance of a marathon, that is 42,195 km. The relays are done with a Tasuki, a ribbon carried around the trunk, a wink to the Japanese origins of the event. The race is open to companies, associations, sports clubs and children. The regulation is available on the website of the Ekiden run.


  • 10 am: day registrations for Kids Run
  • noon: Kids Run (1,4 km)
  • 1 pm: Brussels Ekiden


  • Runner 1: 5 km
  • Runner 2: 10
  • Runner 3: 5
  • Runner 4: 10
  • Runner 5: 5
  • Runner 6: 7,195 (Relay zone in the King Baudouin Stadium)


Spectators not authorized on the track. They can take place in stand 1 (the main stand) or along the course.

Kids Run

The Kids Run is a race of 1,4 km, specially intended for children from 4 to 12 years old.


The registrations end on 2 October 2017. Possiblity of online registration via the available form. For the Kids Run, the registrations can take place that very day.

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