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Buda+ project

What is it about?

The Buda+ project is an interregional cooperation project between the Flemish and Brussels regions and in which the City of Brussels is one of the most important partners with the municipalities of Vilvoorde and Machelen. The partners are developing a common vision to improve the economic zone north of Brussels, an area called Buda+, which refers to the Buda bridge.

What purpose?

The Territorial Development Program 'Noordrand' wants to develop a plan for the redevelopment of the Buda business zone with the Buda+ project, with the following criteria:

  • The transition to circular economy
  • Supporting companies in healthy business development by accommodating them throughout their life cycle: from training to start-up and full business
  • Urban planning optimization of the area
  • The internal and external promotion of the zone by facilitating actions in the public space, communication campaigns, events,...
  • Searching for and implementing solutions to the mobility problems

More info:

More information about the projects and initiatives developed in this area, including the action plan of the City of Brussels for slow roads in Haren:

Buda+ project