Closing of counters on Friday 9 December 2022

Due to the move of the services of the City of Brussels, the counters of the former Administrative Centre (Boulevard Anspach 6 - 1000 Brussels) will close as early as Friday 9 December 2022. You can still request your documents online and on the External site MyBXL citizen portal, or make an appointment. Due to the move, the waiting time for a telephone answer may be temporarily longer as well.


Buy fresh vegetables at the GASAP

GASAP stands for Solidarity Purchasing Group for Artisanal Agriculture (SAGAL in Dutch). A GASAP buys products directly from the producers, pays them in advance and places orders during an agreed period (at least one year). In tis way, the farmer or vegetable grower will not be confronted with surprises.

It is an excellent way to support artisanal, local agriculture, promote the short chain and eat healthy, fresh vegetables. Vegetable baskets are available every two weeks. There are currently four GASAP stores on the territory of the City of Brussels:

Open a GASAP?

Do you want to open a GASAP in a quarter of Brussels? More info at:

If you want to receive help from the City, you can turn to the Eco Advice Service:

Created on 02/12/2019 (modified on 02/12/2019)


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