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Charter for Citizen Participation

The City of Brussels has adopted a Charter for Citizen Participation. This charter is a document that will gradually grow and in which the City commits itself to listening, dialogue and transparency.

From March to June 2019, the City organized 9 neighborhood meetings. The target? Identifying the needs of the citizens and providing an introduction to the new Board of Mayor and Aldermen. The 'Meeting of the Brusseleirs' on 15 June wanted to go deeper into the questions and suggestions, improve the dialogue with the people of Brussels and develop the necessary resources for a participatory City. In order to strengthen the process, an online survey was conducted in parallel with these citizen meetings.

Citizen participation

This allowed the City to determine the priorities of the approach. These were included in a Charter for Citizen Participation. The charter aims to give a new impetus to citizen participation, among other things by:

  • organizing neighborhood councils (meetings of the neighborhoods of Brussels)
  • developing new event and debate methods
  • creating a social and citizen innovation lab through a call for projects
  • ...

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