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Christmas tree at the Grand-Place

The Christmas tree is installed at the Grand-Place of Brussels till 10 January 2022.

This tree of 18 meters comes from the garden of a resident of the municipality of Dilbeek, who offers it to the City of Brussels. Its sustainable succession is ensured by planting 10 new pines.

Christmas tree decoration

The Christmas tree will be decorated on the night of 20 November 2021. It will be decorated with 20 red light pearls, 40 light rods with the effect of falling snow, 40 red Christmas balls, 60 wooden Christmas balls with a wind rose and 60 wooden stars depicting the nose of an old locomotive. The red streamers have a length of 1.3 km. All lighting will be in LED.

The Christmas tree will light up for the first time on Friday 26 November at 6 pm, prior to the first sound and light show. It is the official inauguration of Winter Wonders, which opens that same day at noon.

Watch the Christmas tree

The tree can be watched via the webcam at the Grand-Place:

The video shows the arrival of the Christmas tree at the Grand-Place (the video contains no dialogue or text):

Created on 12/11/2021 (modified on 23/11/2021)