Citizen Budget of Laeken

Do you have ideas to make life in Laeken even better? The City of Brussels wants to hear your proposals and has a participation budget of 1.5 million euros to realise them. You can submit your idea from 16 October to 15 December 2023.

Priority goes to projects to revitalise the External site Laeken zones where no actions have yet been taken within a District Contract.

How to submit an idea?

External site Citizen Budget of Laeken (in French and Dutch)

What is a Citizen Budget?

With the Citizen Budget, the City of Brussels aims to involve its citizens in decisions on public investments that improve life in a neighbourhood. It starts with a call for ideas, which makes it possible to identify the concrete expectations of neighbourhood residents.

The District Council then assesses the feasibility of the ideas received and determines which are most relevant. Then, the selected ideas become real projects, to be worked out together by the project leaders and the City services.

The detailed projects are then presented to local residents, who can cast their votes. Only then does the Board of Mayor and Aldermen approve the projects. Each year, the Board decides for which neighbourhood or neighbourhoods there will be a Citizen Budget and what amount will be available.

Created on 16/10/2023 (modified on 20/10/2023)