City Tree at Mont des Arts

On Tuesday 25 April 2017, the City of Brussels installed a City Tree at the top of the Mont des Arts. This green wall has an air purification capacity equal to that of 275 trees.

After Paris, Berlin and Oslo, the City Tree is now also tested in Brussels. The hi-tech invention is installed for a period of 3 months (from April to July 2017) to determine its effects on the city environment.

What is a City Tree?

This green wall has an area of ​​2.80 m by 2.80 m, with a total of 1,682 growing plants. The City Tree is able to provide energy by means of solar panels that drive an irrigation system and measuring equipment.

The installation of the City Tree is following a proposal from the Climate Plan that was recently drawn up after consultation of the citizens of Brussels.

Created on 26/04/2017 (modified on 25/08/2017)
City Tree


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