Climate Plan

The City of Brussels has developed a Climate Plan. The aim of the plan is to be carbon neutral by 2050 and adapt the city to climate change.

The Thematic Action Plan validated by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on 1 December 2022 (in French):

In 2021 and 2022, a broad participatory process has been set up to identify citizens' concerns and recommendations on the climate policy in Brussels. The City of Brussels created a moment of dialogue allowing the actors of its territory to take a strategic place in this process.

Climate Plan (2018)

Brochure of the Climate Plan 2018 (PDF, 15.10 MB) (in French)

Agenda 21

The Agenda 21 is an action plan that contains the priorities of sustainable development of the City and the CPAS.

It contains more than 150 action sheets organized around five goals and spread over 24 areas of intervention. These actions are subject to an annual review. This plan defines a code of conduct for municipal employees, local government, users and citizens.

The details and the documents of the action plans and their goals are only available in Dutch and French.

Brusseleir from February 2023 (PDF, 4.41 MB) (in French, pages 4 to 8)