Commercial Development Scheme

The City of Brussels approved a Commercial Development Scheme. This action plan should support the economic development of Brussels.

The recommendations are based on 4 pillars:

  • commercial mix
  • commercial environment
  • commercial experience
  • promotion of the shopping quarters

Commercial strategy

The purpose of the Commercial Development Scheme is to develop a commercial strategy aimed at:

  • a qualitative reinforcement of the offer
  • a specialization of the commercial centres and the strengthening of their commercial identity
  • the objective of the 'City in 10 minutes'
  • supporting companies in Brussels in the transition to a more resilient, circular and sustainable economy
  • making neighbourhoods more attractive and more resilient to economic shocks after the coronavirus crisis

First part and action plan

The first part and action plan of the Commercial Development Scheme deals with the commercial strategy of the pedestrian zone of the central boulevards, the European quarter, the De Wand (Laeken) and the Rue François Vekemans quarter (Neder-Over-Heembeek).

The plan includes 54 strategic objectives and 180 concrete actions to support the economic development of these shopping quarters of Brussels: