Compensation for damage to buildings

The City of Brussels grants compensation to persons who have suffered material damage to buildings as a result of gatherings or meetings (authorised or unauthorised, armed or unarmed) on its territory and which are expressly recognised as such by the City Council. The request for compensation must be made at the latest within one month of the event.

Which 'buildings'?

By building is meant any construction, work or installation, even of non-durable materials, which is incorporated in the ground, anchored to it or whose support ensures its stability, and which is intended to remain in place, even if it is demolished or moved.

What expenses?

Only the excess paid to insurance companies is reimbursed. The City of Brussels will only intervene after the possible intervention of any other third party.

If the damage is less than the amount of the excess, the City of Brussels will intervene to compensate the person for direct damage. In this case, the damage must be proven by the applicant on the basis of invoices.

The maximum compensation is 20,000 euros per claim.

How to apply?

The request for compensation (PDF) must be submitted via: